[BREAKING] Ji Chang Wook in discussions to join SBS’s “Please Be Careful Of This Woman”

Per news reports from earlier today (9 March), Ji Chang Wook is allegedly in negotiations for the lead male role in SBS’s upcoming crime romantic comedy “Please Be Careful Of This Woman” (working title).

If casting is confirmed, Ji Chang Wook will take on the character role of Noh Ji Wook, while employed at the Central Prosecutor’s Criminal Investigation Section 3, unintentionally becomes a non-conscientious lawyer.  Ji-wook is an outstanding person who can be a writer, musician or model if he sets his mind to it, but also lives with the trauma inflicted upon him by his parents and his first love.  His life will change when he meets the female lead.

According to SBS, also in negotiations as the female lead is Lee Sung Kyung (“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”), taking on the character role of a prosecutor on probation named Eun Bong Hee, who used to be a taekwondo athlete in her younger days, but has a gentle and innocent image.  SBS states that “Lee Sung Kyung is also one of the candidates, and there is no decision yet.”

“Please Be Careful Of This Woman” is a thriller about a murderer who continuously faces a decisive moment due to amnesia and attempts to kill two persons, and it is also a hilarious romantic comedy about the male and female lead.  This is also a melodrama where they mature, reconcile and sacrifice for each other as they fight a world filled with prejudices.

“Please Be Careful Of This Woman” will be written by Kwon Ki Young (“I Remember You”; “Protect The Boss”) and directed by Park Sun Ho, and is tentatively scheduled for 20 episodes as a Wednesday-Thursday broadcast to air starting 10 May 2017 after the finale of “Saimdang, Diary of Light.”

Source:  Sports Chosun

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  1. The female lead Lee Sung Kyung looks cute but I’m not impressed with her acting in drama Queen Flowers . Anyway, it doesn’t matter much. As long as the plot is good, I’m happy with it. So is it a thriller, rom-com and melodrama? How about action? Haha…JCW needs a drama where he can show off his emotional and comedy skills. The plot sounds quite interesting. I’m excited for it! 🙂 Yay!!! I guess we can see JCW on screen in mid May .

  2. Manse manse 👏🎊 as expected.. before he go to ms he leave a kdrama to his fans/ to us.. thank you for the update JCWK 😊

  3. wow this gonna be most daring comedy and romantic love drama event to mr jcw..as go to the title only its so impressive or watch out hat youve got to be kidding me supposed to be said but in the end there is the essence or the aura of both the lead man and woman..more power to this upcoming love drama suspense..love it

  4. Park shin hye please….
    but whoever it is… as long as it is wookie…
    I am so excited with this drama…
    #ajah #goGoGowookie

  5. Wowww!! Really?? Hope this is true!! Excited to see bok joo and Wookie together on screen( love bok joo and joon hyung couple WLFKBJ)..i badly want to see him in a new drama before his enlist..then what about that drama happiest moment of my life?? Is it nt finalized yet?? Anyways i want to see Wookie in drama ASAP😍😍❤❤..Thanks for sharing frndzzz..☺ ☺😍

  6. Please let it be true! I think JCW with LSK would be great. She’s one of my favourite actresses.

  7. Happiness!! Thank you so much for this great piece of news JCWKitchen!

    Can’t express how insanely happy I am with this wonderful piece of news! JCW is back!!🎉🎉

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