[Drama] Charismatic eyes and rain showers in more behind-scenes from “Suspicious Partner”

Glorious Entertainment continues their winning streak with yet another portfolio featuring Ji Chang Wook in behind-scenes and stills from the last few episodes of “Suspicious Partner.”  Diving in….. NOW!

Did you wait a lot?  For those who are waiting, today is a tease for Wednesday.

Come on! Behind-the-scenes greetings!

CHAPTER 1:  The rain that is cool and refreshing.  The scene from “Suspicious Partner” that you cannot forget!

Actor Ji’s strong visuals 365 days year-round.

CHAPTER 2:  Heart-racing look with charismatic eyes.

CHAPTER 3:  Noh Ji Wook, the workaholic.

Actor Ji can concentrate anywhere, even in the car!

That smile that shines more than any light!

The King of Smiles! ♥

At rest, but still monitoring the shooting.  Actor Ji, when do you ever take a break?

Conclusion:  Our Actor Ji’s drama “Suspicious Partner” is a must-see.  Hurry hurry Wednesday!!!

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome #Nohjiwook pics☺☺😍😍😍..im soo loving his new drama..its fun, thrilling and emotional..love every character in the show..all casts doing great job👍👍..especially i love #Nohjiwook law firm Team 😍😍😍..They are the best 😂😂😍😍❤❤❤❤

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