[News] Ji Chang Wook leaves for 2-year military enlistment

Ji Chang Wook reported for his basic training on the afternoon of 14 August at the 3rd Infantry Division army base in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province.  The press was out in force to memorialise the event!

Approximately 300 fans from all over the world congregated at the roadway leading up to the entry gates just for a mere glimpse of Ji Chang Wook, since any news coming out of basic training may be sporadic at best.  And they were not disappointed, as Wook stopped along the way to very quickly greet the press and his fans before being ushered inside to begin his 1 year and 9 months military service.

Wook arrived at the ‘White Skull’ basic training centre with his mum, Manager Bang, hyung Kangwoo, the President of Glorious Entertainment, and his two trusted bodyguards (Ahjusshi 1 and Ahjusshi 2).  But before Wook left Seoul for the long drive up to to the base, he left a message on the Dayrock fan cafe:

We’ll leave everyone with more pictures from the event, and as the old song says, “It’s not goodbye forever; it’s just goodbye for now.”  Good luck and be safe, Actor Ji! 💕

Credit:  Photos as watermarked

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13 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook leaves for 2-year military enlistment

  1. I just started watching and loving Ji Chang Wook’s drama and he’s leaving already? I wish you good health and be safe everyday!

  2. Thank you JCW Kitchen for sharing these photos and commentaries! While the day of his military enlistment has finally come, it’s so nice to see JCW gracefully accepting his military duties. Someone commented that he appears about to ‘tear up’, I agree! I think the fans must have touched his heart and nearly moved him to tears. Good luck JCW, and looking forward to your update in 100 days!

  3. beautiful man hair or not! so happy many turned out to show him how much he is loved! we will wait for you!

  4. Awww…he always has a cheerful look even though it’s a goodbye time. I will miss him and I hope he will get a good project as soon as he gets discharged from the army in May 2019.

  5. Thank you so much for the news.
    Wishing him all the best…
    Even though it is hard for us to accept ….because he is on the top of his career right now….but we also have to obey all the regulation made by South Korea..

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