[Tutorial] Sending letters to Ji Chang Wook’s new address in the army

Ji Chang Wook has officially graduated from basic training, and has been permanently assigned to the 5th Artillery Brigade in the South Korean army.  Wook is now currently training as a signaller (radio operator) for his new unit.

28 June update:

Glorious Entertainment has instructed fans NOT to send any letters or gifts to Ji Chang Wook’s army camp. To avoid inconveniencing others, fans are to mail to Glorious Entertainment at the following address instead:

34, Hakdong-ro 21-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

We have since removed the address of his base camp accordingly. Gifts and letters mailed to Glorious will be passed on to Ji Chang Wook through his managers instead.

There were complaints at his previous division about the sheer amount of letters addressed to Wook that caused inconvenience to other recruits and their families. His agency requests that fans exercise restraint by not sending too many letters.

As stated in our previous post, here are some points you should take note of:

  1. It is best that you write your letter in Korean so that he can read it easily. Please write in short simple English if you have to.

  2. Please do not make use of Google Translate to translate your letter into Korean because the result is often incomprehensible. You should either get a Korean friend to translate for you, or make use of a proper translation service such as Flitto.  (Please take note that Flitto is a paid service.)  Also, due to the sheer number of readers we have (and since we are not native Korean speakers), it will not be possible for either of us admins to do translations for you.

  3. Please be considerate and do not overwhelm him with too many letters. He may be receiving hundreds of letters from other fans and he may not have time to read every single letter.

  4. Please do not send gifts or perishables, as they will not be accepted nor returned to you.

It also should be noted that any photos taken of Ji Chang Wook whilst he is on active duty and posted to the division’s private Daum Cafe are expressly prohibited from being shared outside of that Cafe unless they have been specifically cleared for publication by the Korean Military.  It is a matter of national security that these photos remain available only for the soldiers’ parents and other family members, and must not be shared via any form of social media whatsoever.  As we would not like to see Wook get in any sort of trouble due to any unauthorised sharing of his base photos, your cooperation regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.

Also please do not leave your letters to him in our Comments Section, as we will not be able to forward them to his attention.

Hopefully Soldier Wook will get the time to write additional letters to his fans over the remaining time in his service, and that we will be able to see some news about army life from him very soon!

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24 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Sending letters to Ji Chang Wook’s new address in the army

  1. Hi Cherkell and Gabby,
    Firstly, thanks for all the great work you’re doing here – it’s definitely keeping all of us from missing our JCW too much over the next 18 months! I was just wondering if anyone knew if it would be possible to send him registered/courier mail, or only regular mail is accepted? Thanks again!

  2. JCW KITCHEN is DEFINITELY my Go To place for All JCW info. JCW KITCHEN staff…YOU ARE AWESOME and Amazing. Thanks so much for the time and energy you put into keeping us updated. You are very much appreciated.

  3. Hi, Am from India. I really would like to write a letter to our Wook. Is there any possible way for me to send my letter to him? Please do let me know. Thanks. 🙂

    • We’re not exactly sure, but speaking from personal experience, Wook’s English comprehension is quite limited. All brigades do not have translators on staff, so that’s why we have suggested all letters to him be written in Korean.

  4. Hi everyone in Ji Chang Wook’s kitchen…… I hope everyone is doing great…It just came up in my mind to send him a post card and I will try to write it in hangul as I am learning because I would like to communicate with him. May I have the address where I can send the post card? ㅊㅜㅇ마ㄹ 가ㅁ사 하ㅁ니디 …..have a sweet dream everyone..!🌛🌜

  5. Thank you for providing us with the address! I hope that all of the fuss made while in training will die down while he is stationed for the next 19 months.

  6. Great😊😊 maybe this time, i can send my greeting card without worrying if it will arrive on time.😆😆

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