[CF] Ji Chang Wook featured in Calvin Klein S/S 2020 promotions

Wonder if this is why Ji Chang Wook was visiting New York City in 2019?  Global retailer Calvin Klein (based in NYC) has premiered its Spring/Summer 2020 fashion line, and look who they chose as one of their models!

This is not the first time Wook has been featured in a campaign for Calvin Klein – remember that initial photoshoot featured in GQ Korean back in December 2016?  It is good to see that both are working together again, this time in a preview for the line’s Spring/Summer 2020 promotions.

Although these photos are currently featured on the Hyundai Fashion Mall website, it is unknown at present if they will also be included in an upcoming magazine.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at what has been teased so far!

Credits:  Hyundai Fashion Mall; Calvin Klein Weibo


4 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook featured in Calvin Klein S/S 2020 promotions

  1. Wish I’d had a heads up that he was in NY. Had no idea he was going to be there so I left NY a couple of days prior to his arrival. If I’d had any idea I would have stayed in order to try to meet him or get a few photos for some wonderful special memories. Seems every single I’m always the bridesmaid never the bride. *sigh* Really would have loved to see him.

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