[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook for ELLE Singapore – ‘Every work is a new challenge for me’

Actor Ji Chang Wook recently appeared on the cover of “ELLE Singapore,” an overseas fashion magazine.

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who is gaining global popularity, showed his own charm by showing modern and trendy fashion through this pictorial.  In particular, this cover is released in two versions, offering both a city-style image and a soft-and-warm image of Ji Chang Wook.

In an interview with the magazine, Ji Chang Wook talked about his life as an actor.  When asked, “Are you still waiting for a new challenge?” Ji Chang Wook said, “I always want to show you a good performance as an actor. It’s been a while since my debut, but there are many things I haven’t shown, still want to do, and many works I want to meet.  Every work is a new challenge for me,” he said, expressing his passion and goal for acting.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook has confirmed his appearance on Kakao TV’s original drama “How to Love City Men and Women” (working title), which is scheduled to be released in the second half of the year, and is gaining expectations from drama fans.  The October 2020 issue of ELLE Singapore is now available on newsstands and global magazine portals.

Credit:  Sports DongA.com; Newsen.com

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  1. You look great and be always. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time. Have to be and will be. Life is too short 💔. We’ll be loving you always and proud of you.

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