[Drama] Magical comfort “Annarasumanara” main poster + preview

Netflix’s “Annarasumanara” released its main poster and teaser trailer.

The fantasy music drama “Annarasumanara,” which tells the story of a mysterious magician named Lee Eul suddenly appearing in front of Yoon Ai, a girl who lost her dream, and Na Il Deung, a boy who was forced to dream, revealed the main poster and teaser trailer.

The released main poster catches the eyes of the three main characters in a mysterious atmosphere.  An amusement park in the dark night with no one around, a merry-go-round and fireworks surrounded by fantastic lights, flying butterflies and bubbles create a dream-like atmosphere, inviting viewers to the dreamy world. The mysterious magician Lee Eul (Ji Chang Wook), who appears at difficult moments and recites spells, saying, “Do you… believe in magic?”  Yoon Ai (Choi Sung Eun) and Na Il Deung (Hwang In Yeop), who look at him with incredible expressions, raises questions about the magical story that will unfold in front of them.

The teaser trailer makes our hearts flutter from the start with rhythmical music and the mysterious appearance of magician Lee Eul.  With Lee Eul’s move to cast a spell on the abandoned stage, students rise in the air, chairs move arbitrarily, and a fantasy world opens.  Lee Eul appears in front of Yoon Ai, a high school student in a tough situation, and said, “Do you know what to do when your heart is broken? You just have to say the spell,” he said, presenting a magical moment.  As the streets of the dark amusement park were colored with light, Yoon Ai, who looked bright, expressed her desire to be comforted, saying, “Can I believe that because I lived such a rough and hard life, someone sent me a real magician?”

Na Il Deung, the top student in the school, follows his classmate Yoon Ai to the amusement park and faces a new world through Lee Eul and his magic. Yoon Ai, a girl who lost her dream due to adults failing her, and Na Il Deung, a boy who is forced to dream by adults, will meet an adult Lee Eul who wants to remain a child forever.  What kind of change will they experience?  Their growth and change gives both children and adults something to think about about becoming a true adult and what their dreams are.  mise-en-scèneBased on a webtoon of the same name that left a deep impression on many readers, “Annarasumanara” is reborn as a fantasy music drama with songs and choreography that amplifies emotions, eye-catching mise-en-scène and colorful magic,  It provides viewers around the world magical comfort and emotion.

The fantasy music drama “Annarasumanara,” which raises expectations by releasing the main poster and teaser trailer, will be released only on Netflix on 6 May.

Sources:  TV Report; News24; photos released by Netflix Korea

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  1. I’ll certainly be watching. And I’m glad for JCW since we know he loves performing in musicals. (I thought I heard his voice on the OST in the trailer.)

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