[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s 180-degree change in styling for “If You Wish Upon Me”

In KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “If You Wish Upon Me,” Ji Chang Wook gives off an unexpected charm and extreme moments.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “If You Wish Upon Me” (directed by Kim Yong Wan, script by Cho Ryeong Soo, production investment by A&E Korea and Climax Studio), which is scheduled to air at 9:50pm on 10 August, is a healing drama that heals people’s pain at a hospice hospital.

Ji Chang Wook plays the role of Yoon Gyeo Re, a precarious young man who is barely enduring without the will and desire for life. Yoon Gyeo Re, who has lived a rough life which led to orphanages, juvenile detention centers and prison, starts community service at a hospice hospital by accident and meets “Team Genie,” while facing an inflection point in his life.

In the photos released on 28 July, Ji Chang Wook is showing off his opposite charms without filtering through polar styling.  In particular, Ji Chang Wook, who is wearing a worn-out training suit and a stretched-neck T-shirt, is raising expectations for the drama even more as he is on alert while hugging a large carrier.  However, in the stills that follow, Ji Chang Wook has a simple smile with a vigilant attitude toward his surroundings, raising questions about the meaning of his smile and the identity of the bag that he holds more precious than his life.

In another photo, Ji Chang-wook is wearing an all-black suit that fits perfectly, exuding a chic charisma, exuding a charm that is 180 degrees different from the previously revealed appearance.  While knocking on the hood of a vehicle in a parking lot, he is handing a bundle of money to a mysterious person, attracting the attention of prospective viewers as to what the secret story of Yoon Gyeo Re will be.

The production team of “Dang So-mal” said, “Ji Chang Wook also paid a lot of attention to styling to highlight the reality of the Yoon Gyeo Re character in the drama.  In addition, he will delicately portray not only his clothes that change from time to time depending on the situation he is in, but also complex and subtle emotional lines.  You can look forward to Ji Chang Wook’s ‘eight-color charm’* that will be revealed on the show.”

*Used to define someone’s personality traits which could be identified based on one’s choice of color(s) using a ‘scale of eight’ (blue, yellow, red, green, violet, brown, grey and black).

Sources:  Newsen.com; OSEN.mt.co.kr; KBS 2TV

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2 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s 180-degree change in styling for “If You Wish Upon Me”

  1. Thank you, Molly, for expressing my thoughts exactly. It’s amazing to see how Ji Chang Wook has managed to dim his naturally exuberant spirit to express such vulnerability and pain, and at the same time maintain enough energy to keep the character compelling. As always, I’m impressed with how willing he is to tackle a role that demands this much emotional depth and complexity, and how completely he stretches to accommodate a character that seriously contrasts his core personality. I’ve studied his career path for seven months now, watched every available work (some several times), and am convinced he is the finest performer I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Additionally I appreciate Sung Dong-il’s steady, calm compassion, which seems to be a constant in his performances. And I look forward to watching Sooyoung, with whom I’m not familiar (she sings, too?!!!). So far, I love her strength and flexibility as her character tests Ji Chang’s. What a terrifically talented cast! I’m very much looking forward to seeing the story unfold!!!

  2. I’m so pleased to finally see him in a drama where he is able to show his skills as a serious actor.I have enjoyed the first two episodes. All of the cast doing a great job. Congratulations, can’t wait for next week.

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