[Drama] Ji Chang Wook x Choi Soo Young explode with bickering chemistry in “If You Wish Upon Me”

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me” (directed by Kim Yong Wan, script by Cho Ryeong Soo, production investment by A&E Korea and Climax Studio, hereinafter referred to as “Dang So-mal”) released a third teaser video showing how Yoon Gyeo Re (Ji Chang Wook) and Seo Yeon Joo (Choi Soo Young) slowly fell in love with each other from their unpredictable first meeting.

The third teaser video released begins with the first meeting between Choi Soo Young, who plays the role of hospice hospital nurse Seo Yeon Joo, and Ji Chang Wook, who visited the hospital as part of his social service.  Seo Yeon Joo, who fell on a dirt road while avoiding Yoon Gyeo Re’s speeding car, said, “Hey! Are you a community service worker who’s coming from today?” and threw an angry kick at his sports car, drawing laughter.

Yoon Gyeo Re, who started his full-fledged community service at the hospice hospital, called Seo Yeon Joo “ajumma,” while Seo Yeon Joo called Yoon Gyeo Re “a real strange person,” heralding an exciting chemistry between the two.

Yoon Gyeo Re then bowed his head and whispered to Seo Yeon Joo, who was dozing off, “She’s not pretty if you look closely,” and Seo Yeon Joo, who woke up, eventually grabbed Yoon Gyeo Re’s hair and they fought.

However, they bicker for a while, but then slowly warm to each other as they spend time together, raising their heart rate for those who show off their sweet chemistry.  Seo Yeon Joo grabbed the expressionless face of Yoon Gyeo Re and made a forced smile, and said “I love you” to Yoon Gyeo Re in an awkward atmosphere, giving off suction power with her unusual romance development.  Not only that, Seo Yeon Joo is raising laughter at the clumsy appearance of Yoon Gyeo Re who replied, “I love you too,” increasing the desire of prospective viewers to watch the show in real time.

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A representative from the “Dang So-mal” production team said, “Unlike the appearance of Yoon Gyeo Re, who could not find any desire for life in the teasers released earlier, in the third teaser video, you can see a different side of him when he stands in front of the lively Seo Yeon Joo.  It will be interesting to see how the relationship between the two, who show different chemistry like water and oil, will be portrayed.”

Sources:  MKSports.co.kr; Heraldpop.com; KBS 2TV

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