[Drama] The reason why Ji Chang Wook chose “If You Wish Upon Me”? “I cried a lot after reading the script.”

Actor Ji Chang-wook will present a new side of himself that we have never seen before.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me” (directed by Kim Yong Wan, script by Cho Ryeong Soo, production investment by A&E Korea and Climax Studio, nicknamed as “Dang So-mal”) which is scheduled to premiere at 9:50pm on 10 August, is a healing drama that heals people’s last wishes at a hospice hospital.

Ji Chang Wook plays the role of Yoon Gyeo Re, a precarious young man who is barely holding out his life without the will and desire for life in the drama. Yoon Gyeo Re, a “broken adult child” who has become a habit of getting tattoos all over his body and causing pain, is a person who has lived a rough life that extends to orphanages, juvenile detention centers, and prison.

Ji Chang Wook said, “I think I cried a lot when I first saw the script.  The content of the dark and warm script touched my heart.  And I was attracted to the character ‘Gyeo-re’ itself.  I had a desire to express a very pessimistic and lonely character,” he said, explaining why he was attracted to “Dang So-mal.”

Regarding Yoon Gyeo Re, who played the role himself, he said, “Yoon Gyeo Re is a person who has a lot of scars and sees the world with a pessimistic point of view.  He has some parts that are lacking, there are parts that he wants to support and protect.  I had a lot of fun playing the character Yoon Gyeo Re, and I worked more excitedly on the set because he was a person I wanted to express so much,” he said, provoking curiosity about the character.

Ji Chang Wook picked “family,” “son,” and “love” as keywords that can best express the character, and explained, “The keywords about Yoon Gyeo Re’s character can be understood better if you watch the broadcast.” The anticipation for the first broadcast of “Dang So-mal” has been raised even more.

In particular, he said, “The process of Yoon Gyeo Re entering the hospice hospital and meeting ‘Team Genie’ was very important.  I talked the most with the director about that part on the set,” he said, suggesting that he put a lot of effort into showing off the perfect synchro rate with the character Yoon Geyo Re.

On the other hand, Ji Chang Wook defined the work as “‘Dang So-mal’ is warm.”   He added, “I hope you can feel the warmth in the story of ‘Team Genie,’ and the change in Yoon Gyeo Re.”  Indeed, although Ji Chang Wook thought negatively of the world, expectations are high on how to complete the character that changes through the people of the hospice hospital.

Finally, Ji Chang Wook said, “It’s a work that I enjoyed working on, in which I had a lot of time to laugh. I hope that the warm energy from the field will be delivered to everyone who sees it. I hope you enjoy watching ‘Dang So-Mal’ (laughs),” he said, adding, “I did not forget the message to encourage people to watch it live.”

As such, Ji Chang Wook’s performance, which will impress the small screen based on his affection for the character as well as the work, can be seen in KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me.”  The first episode of ‘Dang So-mal’ will be aired at 9:50pm on Wednesday, 10 August, and will also be broadcast on  Lifetime A&E Korea channels.

Sources:  MKSports.co.kr; MyDaily.co.kr; SEDaily.com; KBS 2TV

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  1. This young man is exceptional in everything he does. I am thrilled and filled with anticipation awaiting his performance in “If You Wish Upon Me. I have and will watch anything he does because he is just that amazing.

  2. Ji Chang Wook is truly exceptional actor and I look forward to everything he does. I will wait to start to watch until the second episode because the trailer looks painful and I want to make sure the second episode is available for me to see him come through the dark. I want him to get past the suffering quickly. I know I will feel his work deeply.

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