[Magazine] Trendy, Issue 55 – Ji Chang Wook: I AM in Taiwan

This magazine was first published in October 2014. Although much of the content is old by now, there are still some interesting bits. (P.S. If you wonder why his eye looks swollen, it’s because Ji Chang Wook was having a sore eye when he had his pictures taken)

The most lovable emperor in history has arrived!

Following the success of “Empress Ki” in Taiwan, Ji Chang Wook who played the Yuan emperor Shundi in the show, has left a deep impression on many Taiwanese fans through his deep and passionate acting. Hoping to let everyone know more about him, Ji Chang Wook decided to have an enjoyable time with lots of interaction with everyone in his first fan meeting in Taiwan. Before his fan meeting, he also had a small meeting with us!

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[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to feature in Trendy Magazine


Just when we thought we have seen the last of his updates from Taiwan, we now have another one!!

This time, Ji Chang Wook will be featured in the latest issue of Taiwan’s Korean-idol-centric magazine “Trendy”. This is a bi-monthly magazine, so it is of no wonder that it took them so long to release this.  Continue reading