[Eng Sub] 20141230 Ji Chang Wook at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards


On 30 December, Ji Chang Wook made an appearance at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards as a prize presenter for the Excellence category, having won an Excellence award the previous year for his performance in “Empress Ki”.

He presented the awards together with actress Moon Jung Hee, who starred in the MBC drama “Mama”.  

As usual, Ji Chang Wook seemed rather nervous and succeeded in making the scene awkward with his honest remarks again. No one doubts your sincerity, boy!

Watch the video with English subtitles (only Ji Chang Wook’s scenes are included):

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9 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20141230 Ji Chang Wook at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards

  1. Did Jcw attend both award ceremony?mbc and kbs?it wasn’t on same day?I love his looks at kbs awards,very handsome!

  2. I hv a request to make.. thannks fr ur efort.. but i would love if u guys could put the KBS DRAMA AWARDS Videos …

    • Thank you everyone for your new year wishes! We will post the KBS Award videos too, but it will take us some time to edit because the whole programme is very long 🙂

  3. Thank you to JCW kitchen. Happy new year to the staffs. I hope you all have a great year!! 🎉🌟🎆🎇🎊👏

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