[Fan Project] Calling for submissions for the Ji Chang Wook DC Review Book! (Round 2)


Good news! For those who would like to say a few words to Ji Chang Wook or show him your support, here’s your chance!

Some of you may remember about the Review Book project by the Ji Chang Wook DC that we announced in December 2014.  DC Gallery has decided to re-open the project for submissions, and once again, The Kitchen will be helping DC to coordinate the international effort for this project.

We also know that Ji Chang Wook has gained many new fans through “Healer” and many of you may have missed the first round, so this is your (last) chance to contribute to this project! Please read on for more details.


What is this “Review Book” about?
This book is entirely produced by fans, and will contain fans’ opinions, ideas, artwork and messages for Ji Chang Wook to show our love and appreciation for him. The book will be in the form of a photo essay or magazine, and will be given to Ji Chang Wook himself. The book will likely be a soft-cover and fans will be allowed to purchase it if there’s adequate demand.

Who can participate in this fan project?
All international fans from any country are welcome to participate. As long as you love Ji Chang Wook!!

How can I contribute to this book?
International fans can contribute materials for any (or all) of the following segments. Just take your pick! (Note: Drama reviews will not be collected this time around.)

I. Fan Messages
Fans can write short messages which will be published in the book for Ji Chang Wook to read. This could be words of encouragement for his new drama, or a thank you note, or maybe you just want to say hello to him! There are, however, several guidelines to take note of:

  1. Keep it SHORT. Your message should be no longer than 100 characters, not counting the spaces in between words. (Note: 100 characters, not 100 words!). We know that everyone probably has a lot to say to him, but messages have to be kept short due to lack of space in the book. You may use this tool to check the number of characters you have written in your message.
  2. Do not mention other celebrities. Mentions of TaNyang/ChangMin couple are not allowed also. Messages should be solely about Ji Chang Wook only. We know there are many couple shippers out there, but this is not the place for your shipping fantasies!
  3. Your message can be in any language. We will not be helping to translate your messages to Korean. He probably can understand some simple English, and maybe a tiny bit of Mandarin. Although he may not understand everything, he will probably get an idea. And it’s the thought that counts!
  4. Please provide your name. It could be your real name or an online nickname, as long as you can be identified.

II. Cellphone Screenshots
Submit screenshots of the home screen and/or lock screen of your mobile phones. Your screenshots should ONLY include pictures/artwork of Ji Chang Wook. NO pictures of yourself or other celebrities are allowed due to copyright issues. Before you submit, you might want to make sure that your screenshots do not contain any sensitive or confidential personal information.

III. Drawing Contest
Many of you have probably seen Ji Chang Wook’s various drawings, which could have impressed you… or made you laugh uncontrollably. This time, it is your turn to show him how well you can draw! Unlike the first round, this time, you are allowed to draw based on any picture of Ji Chang Wook! Let your creative juices flow!

IV. Cooking Contest
It is a widely known fact that Ji Chang Wook loves his food. But for some reason, he simply hates carrots. To help nurture his love for this awesome orange vegetable, fans can submit recipes for him to cook delicious meals using carrots.

  1. Your recipe can be any dish that includes carrot as an ingredient.
  2. Recipe should have very simple instructions.
  3. Please include at least 3-4 pictures.


V. Original fan-taken photographs
Fans who have taken pictures of Ji Chang Wook at his various events (e.g. fan sign, fan meeting, musicals) are welcome to submit them for inclusion in the book.

  1. The photos should be taken by you, and not taken from the media or other people.
  2. Photos should be sufficiently large (preferably 720p) and clear enough so that they will look good when printed.
  3. Preferably without watermarks.
  4. Photos should be pictures of the REAL Ji Chang Wook. Please do not submit pictures of yourself or pictures of his standees, advertisements etc.

How can I submit these materials?
Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen will be helping Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery to coordinate the international effort for this project. If you would like to contribute to any of the segments mentioned above, please do the following:

  1. Email your submissions to us at jcwkitchen@gmail.com by 13 February (Fri), 11:59pm KST
  2. Please indicate [JCW Review Book Submission] in your email subject header.
  3. It will be good if you tell us which of the above activities you are participating in.
  4. You should receive an email reply from us within 1-2 days if your submission was received.

Please note that submission does not guarantee that your work will be published in the book. All submissions will be reviewed and assessed based on quality and whether the above guidelines have been adhered to, and DC Gallery will make the final decision as to which submissions will be published in the book.

We received a decent number of submissions during the first round, and we would like to thank everyone who participated at that time.  But if you wish, those who submitted materials in the first round are more than welcome to also participate in this second round.

How can I purchase the review book?
The book is still being edited, so we cannot provide you with any details about pricing, order and payment method. We will update again when the book is ready for publishing.

NOTE: The production and sale of this review book is solely undertaken by Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery, and has nothing to do with Glorious Entertainment. Copyright permission has been sought from various companies, including Glorious, for the production of this book. Glorious Entertainment is fully aware of this fan project, but please do not send enquiries to them regarding this. This project is done solely in the interest of Ji Chang Wook and fans, and Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery has no intention to make any profits from the sale of this book.


Once again, we would like to thank Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery for opening up this fan project to international fans and we hope that many of you will participate!

If you wish to contribute, please send in your submissions to jcwkitchen@gmail.com by 13 February (Fri), 11:59pm KST!!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below this post and we will try our best to answer them.  Thank you!

48 thoughts on “[Fan Project] Calling for submissions for the Ji Chang Wook DC Review Book! (Round 2)

  1. Hi! First, thank you sooo much for opening the submissions again! I couldn’t make it last year… but now I can!!

    I only have one question, can we submit pictures for more than one category?

    Again, thank you! You two are awesome! Actually, his entire fan base is awesome!!
    I hope he smiles when he sees it!!

    • Sorry, I don’t quite understand your question? Fan messages do not require any picture, whereas the rest (cellphone screenshots, drawings and photographs) you just submit them accordingly. You are welcome to contribute to all the categories if you want to.

    • It will be better if you send us the original (if there’s a softcopy) or scan it. Or you could snap a photo of your drawing. Up to you which method you want to use, as long as the final picture is clear enough 🙂

      • We cannot accept any physical originals; all submissions must be in a digital format so you will have to scan in your drawing and email it to us at jcwkitchen@gmail.com. As to the message, it would be preferable to send that in a separate 100-character note to cover all the bases. 🙂

  2. Hello! This is such a great fan project idea. In terms of the fan messages, do they have to be typed or handwritten? Is there a preference? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi, if i wanna send screenshots of my mobile phone, is there any minimum or maximum size for it?, thank you

  4. which type of file format should our message be written in? does ‘microsoft word’ word? More of a clear question: can we send our message/recipe etc written in microsoft word to your email? 🙂

    • You can just write your message directly in the email itself instead of a separate document since it will be very short. Recipe can be submitted as a Word document.

  5. This is great news! Although 100 characters for a message is really short – even shorter than Twitter – just a chance of a possibility of him reading what you want to say to him is more than enough.

    One silly question: with our name, can we put the country we are from? Granting that the name is not included in the charter count. Hahaha!

  6. Waaa…..im soo impress….I love to involve in cooking contest…..I never seen any kind of celebrities fan project before who want fan to post their recipe. …I think this is the first….tq admin…

  7. Say if I am writing something at least few pages, means not qualified for your D.C. book correct. So can you kindly suggest whether is there any other source whereby I can submit something that take few pages? Please please help

    • Unfortunately, DC is not accepting the kind of submission that you have in mind at the moment. All submissions for the review book have to adhere to the guidelines given. You will probably have to keep an eye out for any fan projects by other fan bases.

  8. hello mind to ask if this project need donation?? or free??

    and can i do 2 type of contributions ? like fan message and cooking contest??
    and the fan message its through soft copy right??

    • This is a free fan project; no monetary donations will be accepted. You can do as many submissions as you wish, but everything should be in a digital format… except for the fan messages. We would appreciate it if you would just type those into the body of your transmittal emails instead. Hope this helps!

      • Yes, you should put your name somewhere on the drawing so we know who it comes from. And the Rules state that your drawing “must be based on Ji Chang Wook,” so there should be some part of him visible in your artwork. Remember that the DC Gallery has the final say on all submissions, so keeping close tabs on the rules will help greatly!

  9. HI JCW kitchen team,

    What a good news for review book as im the beginner fan of JCW.

    Btw i would like to ask you, is it possible for me to submit screenshot or phonecasing where the pic taken from google image edited with some pic of mine?

    Secondly, can i submit more than one for one category?

    Flying from Malaysia with love,
    Ig: @khairun_nisaq

    • Your screenshot must not contain any personal information, so if you mean a mash-up of an Internet image with a picture of yourself, then that is not allowed under the DC Gallery submission rules. Also, any Google image used must be of ‘public domain,’ which means an image from a news site and not a fan-taken picture (unless you have the copyright to that picture).

      And yes, you can submit entries in more than one category. Hope this helps!

    • Only if you have permission to reproduce those images. Instead of a cut-and-paste of an existing recipe, your own photos showing the preparation of the carrot dish would be preferred.

  10. Hello JCW Kitchen Team,

    I’m asking this just to make sure. Let’s say if I write about 120 characters but 25 of them are spaces. Does it count as 95 characters or have I reached the limit? ;-;

    Thank you.

    • There was no specific restriction about this, so you are probably welcome to send more than one, which may also increase the chances of one of your submissions getting included in the book

      • It’s really up to you. But to avoid flooding our inbox, we’d appreciate if you can save each recipe in separate documents/files and send together in one email.

  11. Already sent in my contribution, thanks again to JCW’s Kitchen for this opportunity for international fans to express their love and appreciation to the man of the hour 🙂

    • DC Gallery is a sub-set of DC Inside, one of the largest Korean internet fan-based portals (like Mixi in Japan or Usenet in the States). DC Inside offers forums in which fans can gather and post notes and pictures which they call a “gallery,” so we usually refer to Ji Chang Wook’s DC Inside Forum as the “DC Gallery.” There are many fan forums set up in Korea for Ji Chang Wook, but this is the biggest one and usually referred to when someone mentions his “DC Gallery.” Hope this helps!

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. It did help me…understand the concept, but the rest is so amazing to me in its scope. What did we do before the internet? ‘Tiger Beat’. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. have the book published? I sent a recipe, I would like to know whether it published in the book or not. and how if want to own that book? is it free for the lucky participants or we buy? what is the procedural if we want to buy it?

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