[Info] Ji Chang Wook 2016 Calendars coming soon

Deviating from years past, Glorious Entertainment has decided to release their yearly Ji Chang Wook Calendar to the general public, and teased the world with a few photos of what is to come.

At present, we know that Dayrock and Wook’s Japan Fan Club will be selling this year’s calendar, but we do not have any information as to overseas sales just yet.  As soon as more information is known, we will update this post with the news.  Stay tuned!

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

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8 thoughts on “[Info] Ji Chang Wook 2016 Calendars coming soon

  1. How come I was able to buy his calendar at Namdaemun Market last Monday…how sad I left Seoul just before he left for Beijing! But was glad I took a picture with him at Garaso-gil Road:)😍😘☺

    • Does the calendar you bought look exactly the same as the pictures in this post? There are many non-official goods of him being sold in markets these days. As far as we know, the official 2016 calendar made by Glorious shouldn’t be out yet.

  2. Thanks Cherkell for this update!

    Omo…he is so sexy…so yummy in that photo😋😋😋 pls pls update us on how And where to purchase!!!! Badly want my copies hahaha😋😋😋

  3. OMG! I want! I want!!! It’s so not fair to tease! And just that one photo! I honestly think every pic of JCW should come with some kind of medical warning. Like “This picture may stop your heart!”

    Thanks so much for this update Cherkell. Will be keeping an extra eye and ear out for news of this. I do hope overseas sales will be available! Please!!

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