[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook may be signing on with a Chinese agency


According to an announcement by Chinese entertainment company Bravo Music, Ji Chang Wook will be officially signing on with them to venture into the Chinese market. He will be attending a ceremony on 29 October to officiate the signing of their contract.

After signing the contract, some of his future activities will include releasing a Chinese EP (i.e. mini music album) and holding fan meetings in China. According to the words of Bravo Music, this will be “a China-Korea joint effort to shape an all-round acting and singing idol”.

Established in April 2015, Bravo Music is a new entity formed by the merger of Star TV (星空传媒), which is owned by 21st Century Fox, and Bravo Entertainment (当然娱乐), which produces albums and runs promotions for singers.

Star TV also owns Can Xing Productions (灿星制作), which has produced several reality talent TV shows in China such as “Voice of China”, and the Voice of Dream (梦响强音), a talent agency that manages singers from the “Voice of China” talent show. Bravo Music has at least 30 artistes under its management; all of them are finalists of the “Voice of China” talent show.

The contract signing will reportedly take place as follow:

Date and time: 29 October 2015, 1.30pm (Beijing time)
Venue: Level 4 Lotus Hall, Pangu 7 Star Hotel (盘古七星酒店), 27 Central North 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

A “message” from Ji Chang Wook in the announcement reads:

This step is extremely meaningful to Bravo Music and myself. I welcome you here to witness the moment of us joining hands. Looking forward to you coming!

Bravo Music is giving 20 lucky fans the chance to attend this event. To do so, you have to follow Bravo Music on Weibo, send them what you think is the warmest-looking picture of Ji Chang Wook, and they will given entry passes to 20 fans that will be selected from among the entries. This give-away event will end on 28 October, 3pm.


DISCLAIMER: At the time of writing, Glorious Entertainment has not given any official word as to whether this piece of news is true or false. However, we noticed that Glorious has been very inactive in addressing all the countless rumours about him these days. Therefore, although we generally try to refrain from reporting about rumours, we decided to just go ahead and write about this as we feel that international fans shouldn’t be kept in the dark about this when others are already in the know.

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Source: Maka, Bravo Music weibo, Xinhua News

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9 thoughts on “[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook may be signing on with a Chinese agency

  1. So Ji Chang Wook is no longer signed to Glorious Ent? Then what about Korea [promotions? He wont be active in korea ? T.T We still need someone to help him promote in korea ……

    • It is not uncommon for artistes to sign on with a foreign agency for the sake of promoting in that country, AND remain contracted to their original agency in their home country at the same time. If he does sign on with the Chinese agency, it is likely that he will still remain under Glorious.

  2. I’m so happy right now that I’m jumping up for joy for this wonderful news!!! He is very talented and he will go a long way. Fighting!!

  3. Thank you for translating the news… So this agency will be in charge of planning/organizing his FMs in China, it’s not a bad idea. And hopefully the EP contains the songs he sings in his FM (Korean ballad songs that he loves) and maybe with some Chinese song bonus – I hope not an EP of only C songs (he can’t anyway with his Chinese lol).
    Whether he will be doing the rumored Chinese drama or not, I guess we will know it soon since I read that the filming is supposed to start at the biginning of November (seriously Glorious could have announced something 😦 yes/no/in discussion !!) so I’m really thankful that your guys give us all these precious information that non-Korean & and non-Chinese speakers can’t find nowhere ! And, tbh, I preferred a K drama, but it seems in the Esquire interview he said it’s still too early (?) to do it (?), maybe he is waiting for a really good project to come. and while waiting, that C script attracted him :/ … so I will try to trust his choice and wish him the best !!

  4. It’s awesome news! Yeah, Chinese fans love him so much, so why not enter their market? I am looking forward to his new mini album. I hope he will sing in English too, LOL. I agree that Glorious is slow in confirming his casting news and other important events. Maybe they now have 4 actors, so it’s busy for them to handle everything. I think it is true, not just rumor.

  5. This is so amazingg i can’t imagine my happiness if he’ll make a mini album 🙈💜, even though i hope it’s not in chinese language cuz somehow I’m not so used to listen to chinese songs 😐💔, however anything rom him will be satisfying 😍💞

  6. Thank you so much for this post Gabby! This is absolutely great news! I do hope this is not just a rumor. I have been waiting and waiting for JCW to produce an album – even a mini one! And I may be jumping the gun but congratulations to JCW and Bravo Music. May they truly make great music together!

    I guess we’ll know for sure if this is fact or rumour come October 29! Cross fingers!

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