[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to China for Nanjing concert

Ji Chang Wook is on the road again, this time heading to China for what may possibly be the last leg of his “This is JCW Asia Tour 2016” in Nanjing on 20 August (info here).  As usual, the press was there in force.  Let’s see what they’ve shared with the world!

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5 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to China for Nanjing concert

  1. JCW looks smashing ~<3
    I saw the fan meeting interview on YouTube, he looks great and ready to have a fun with fans. Looking forward to see more fan videos about the concert!

  2. Thanks for all these great pics Cherkell!

    JCW looks cool and relaxed as always. I hope JCW gets time to rest. He’s got his drama and his musical and photo shoots and goodness knows what else in between! Take care of yourself JCW! Safe flight!

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