[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends first script reading for K2


Photos of Ji Chang Wook and the cast of at the first script reading session of upcoming tvN drama “The K2” were unveiled today.

The first script reading was held at the CJ E&M Center at Sangam-dong recently. The session was attended by director Gwak Jung Hwan, scriptwriter Jang Hyuk Rin, and cast members Ji Chang Wook, Song Yoon Ah, Jo Sung Ha, Kim Gap Soo, Lee Jung Jin and others.


Ji Chang Wook plays JSS bodyguard Kim Jae Ha, who once belonged to an elite mercenary army. He possesses the ability to make level-headed judgement and excellent fighting skills, but he begins to discover emotions he never knew he had after meeting a lady.

Song Yoon Ah plays Choi Yoo Jin, the wife of a powerful presidential candidate, who is also the eldest daughter of JB Group. Although she has the image of a madam who is loved by the people, she has a cruel side who will resort to any means to get what she wants.

Jo Sung Ha will star as Jang Se Joon, the husband of Choi Yoo Jin who is also a presidential candidate. His rival, Park Gwan Soo, will be played by veteran actor Kim Gap Soo.


Ji Chang Wook said, “I chose to star in ‘The K2’ because the character Kim Jae Ha is really cool, and this is a very good piece of work. Although it is tiring to act in a show of the action genre, I kept getting drawn to it. There will be intense action scenes in the first part of the drama. Audiences will probably find that interesting.”

Song Yoon Ah said, “Although this role may be difficult, I think I will come to enjoy acting this villain over time. You will get to see an unfamiliar side of Song Yoon Ah.”

Actress Yoona, who joined the cast after the script reading session was held, had a separate meeting with the production team to read the script. Yoona relayed her comments through the production team, “This will likely be a character that will let me show an image of me that has not been seen before. In fact, I’m preparing myself to take on a new challenge. I hope you will give me your support.”

“The K2” is expected to air on Friday and Saturday nights on tvN starting from 23 September.

tvN uploaded a video of the script reading on their official YouTube channel. You can watch this subbed version done by us. Click on CC to view the English subtitles.


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Source: Star News, Top Star News, Glorious Entertainment, tvN

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14 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends first script reading for K2

  1. I agree. He is good at action scenes and not many actors with such a beautiful face have the athleticism and physique to do those kinds of roles. I have my reservations about the script writer, but I will certainly be checking out the drama.

  2. Can’t wait for this drama! I love JCW in action. He’s really really really good. He makes everything look so exciting. Counting down the days!!

    I was so thrilled just watching the script reading video clip! 👍

  3. So excited for this drama…counting the days! I can totally understand JCW comments about action dramas being draining but he is sooooo good in them. He has to remember that there are only a few that have this unique talent. Cast and crew look great…let’s keep the momentum going!

  4. Ohhhh nooooees! I’ve waited for JCW to come back for so long! Is he going to fall for a bad lady? I didn’t see a synopsis for any other female character other than a villain. Oh. I was hoping for another rom-com or, if it’s serious drama, at least a romance fulfilled by the end. This is going to be bleak. (for me anyway). But not watching is not an option (I’m watching WWG2 for goodness sake. )

    • I believe he falls in love with Yoona’s character Anna, the secret daughter who is hidden from the public. She was mentioned in other reports but not this because she didn’t attend the script reading.

    • During the time of the script reading,Yoona havent confirmed to appear in the drama yet. But now that she confirmed the role, I think Chang Wook’s character will eventually fall in love with her 🙂

  5. it sounds good with all the great actors. i would watch it no matter what just to see ji chang wook at work again. i am happy he gets drawn to action dramas/movies cause he is just so good in them.

    • I so agree with you. I love Ji Chang Wook in any genre but action genre just makes Ji Chang Wook look even more amazing as an actor.

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