[Movie] Promotions and fan support project announced for “Fabricated City”

Happy New Year everyone!  Now that we’ve had a few days away on holiday, it’s back to work with lots more news to report!  The promotional posters for Ji Chang Wook’s first lead role in the movie “Fabricated City” were released on 2 January, and several other things have been planned for this exciting event!

Firstly, the press conference for “Fabricated City” has been scheduled for 11:00am on Monday, 9 January 2017 at the CGV Theatre Complex in Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.  (This event is not open to the general public; press only is invited to attend.)   Participants for the press conference will include Director Park Kwang Hyun and stars Ji Chang Wook, Shim Eun Kyung and Ahn Jae Hong.  Hopefully at the press conference, we will get an announcement of what the actual premiere date will be in February 2017!

Secondly, Ji Chang Wook’s Korean fan club DayRock is in the initial planning stages for their first event to promote “Fabricated City.”  They are considering leasing for a month one of the movie screening theatres at the Yeouido CGV Movie Complex in order to show “Fabricated City” to DayRock members, guests and the general public.  If everything goes according to plan, all tickets sold will be specially-printed for the occasion and marked with “Ji Chang Wook Theatre” in his honour.  (The image below is merely a representative image and subject to change.)

Lastly, two fan support accounts have been set up by DayRock in order for international fans to donate funds for participation in Ji Chang Wook’s activities!  All donations (in any amount) will be used towards renting the individual movie screening theatre, making promotional goods, and to hold a special event in celebration of the “Fabricated City” movie release.  If you would like to participate, please read below for the steps to assist you with your donations.

Special Dayrock Account for “Fabricated City” promotional fan support donations (merchandise, street signage, bus wraps, posters, rice support, and other items TBD):

BANK NAME: Kookmin Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 529401-01-221427
ACCOUNT HOLDER: Heeyoung Lee (DayRock)

Special Dayrock Account for “Fabricated City” celebratory release event:

BANK NAME: Kookmin Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 529401-01-224121
ACCOUNT HOLDER: Heeyoung Lee (DayRock)

NOTE:  When funds are wire transferred from countries outside of Korea, you must include the SWIFT Code listed with each account.  A SWIFT Code (also known as a BIC Code) is a unique identifier used to verify bank wire transfer transactions in order to avoid any processing issues.  Your personal bank will advise you on the procedures necessary for a wire transfer to either of these Dayrock accounts.  Also please be advised that there will be fees assessed by your personal bank for the wire transfer and conversion from your home country’s currency to South Korean Won (₩).

Also, the bank wire transfer process is the only process available to remit funds to DayRock.  PayPal or other online banking transactions are not allowed.

Now we’re sure you have a bunch of questions about why/how/which/when/what the heck prompted this DayRock fan support collection.  As we are merely presenting a Public Service Announcement on behalf of DayRock, we’ll try to answer a few of the more common ones:

1.  Why contribute to DayRock?  Why can’t I send fan support funds on my own?

Since DayRock is Ji Chang Wook’s only official Korean fan club, their handling of any fan support collection makes sense as they have the “boots on the ground” in Korea to easily facilitate the purchase and distribution of items contemplated for use at these potential events.  For past events such as press conference rice support, the Kitchen has made contributions directly and it is quite a time-consuming and somewhat frustrating process.  Contributing to DayRock relieves a good chunk of that stress!

2.  Will international fans be able to attend any of these fan support events in person?

Sure, if you just happen to be in Seoul at any time one of these events is planned and the event is specifically open to the general public.  Saying that, making a donation does not get you to the “head of the line” during any of these events.  Even the DayRock members have to enter attendance lotteries, and wait in line to attend fan signs and photo wall events.  No preferential treatment will be given to anyone just because you had donated funds to DayRock’s “Fabricated City” collection effort.

3.  How will international fans be able to obtain any of the promotional materials that they donated funds towards?

We do not have any information at present regarding shipping any promotional items to overseas contributors.  More information will hopefully be released soon, but given our knowledge of past DayRock fan support efforts, the funds collected will go directly towards purchasing items that will benefit the publicity efforts on behalf of Actor Ji Chang Wook.  There may not be any merchandise or other items available to send out to contributors after all the publicity efforts have concluded, so please take that into consideration before deciding to donate.

4.  If I contribute to DayRock’s fan support account(s), will I automatically become a member of DayRock?

No.  Contributing funds to fan support and DayRock membership are entirely separate entities, and one is not contingent upon the other.  You do not have to be a DayRock member to contribute towards these specific Ji Chang Wook fan support events.

5.  How do I join DayRock as an international fan?

Sorry, but we cannot help with assisting in your application process.  There are several tutorials on the Internet detailing how to join a Daum Fan Cafe.  Mr. Google will help greatly in your search.  🙂

6.  Why is Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen involved?

We have a long-standing relationship with the DayRock Community and would like to help them out as best as we can by publicising this collection effort.  They make a Herculean effort each and every time scheduling and collecting funds for a coffee truck, for cast and crew meals, and any time support in other ways is needed for one of Wook’s dramas, musicals… and now movie.  Donating to DayRock is entirely voluntary and we do not have any financial or reciprocal agreement in place with DayRock.  Also, we are not accepting donations on behalf of Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen for any of the upcoming “Fabricated City” events, and we thereby defer to DayRock for all collection issues.

7.  What else should we know before making a donation?

We realise details are very scarce at present, but we will keep our readers posted as soon as notices of any upcoming events are provided.  But if you have the ability to contribute to the support efforts, we can all show Ji Chang Wook how strong and active we are in his international fandom!

Credit:  DayRock English Instagram; DayRock Daum Fan Cafe

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  2. So excited to be able to participate in his debut. Thank you JCW Kitchen for sharing…couldn’t do it without you. Want Actor Ji to feel the ♡♡♡ of his fans throughout the world!!!

  3. Does JCW’s Kitchen know the connection or meaning behind his fan club being called “DayRock”?

    Like Rain had his Clouds cause, ya know…rain.

    So is DayRock related to any JCW dramas or musical plays?

  4. Super excited and looking forward to this, hope it will be available online with eng sub please. Congratulations Wookie on your movie debut😊 For sure it will be a hit. Your works are worth watching👍👌👏

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