[Movie] Ji Chang Wook to make his big screen debut soon in Fabricated City


Actor Ji Chang Wook will be making his big screen debut through the movie “Fabricated City”.

“Fabricated City” is about a man who gets framed for murder within 3 minutes 16 seconds, and he joins hands with members of his virtual gaming team to uncover the mastermind of the case. Ji Chang Wook plays the role of Kwon Yoo who gets framed for the murder, and is expected to show highly difficult action scenes and emotional acting in the movie.

In order to prepare for the role of Kwon Yoo, Ji Chang Wook not only spent several months training for high difficulty action stunts at an action school, he also personally did dangerous stunts ranging from large scale car chases to wire action to close-range combat that are both unique and refreshing.

Besides action, Ji Chang Wook will also show his emotional range, from the injustice he suffered from being framed as a murderer, to the sadness of losing a loved one, to the anger upon discovering the mastermind.

Director Park Kwang Heon said, “Ji Chang Wook is an actor with a excellent sense for acting and action. His portrayal covers a wide spectrum from strong masculinity to a delicate youth, and he’s an actor with a superb ability to adapt to situations.”

“Fabricated City” will be released in cinemas in Korea in February.


Adapted and translated from Korean to English by Gabby.


Credit: TV Report

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9 thoughts on “[Movie] Ji Chang Wook to make his big screen debut soon in Fabricated City

  1. I have been watching every clips about Fabricated City on YouTube and clicked “LIKE!”
    Can’t wait until it opens and hope that it will be a hit!!!
    JCW and Fabricated City, FIGHTING!!! πŸ’“

  2. Cant wait to watch his debut film…love to watch thriller movies and action roles suits him very well…hope this movie helps to show to the World how great and versatile actor he is!! He deserves more Success and recognition for his Talent!! Stay blessed Wookie!! #Fabricated city#Action Hero#February release#Wookie forever#❀❀❀

  3. All the best luck to our man, JCW! He sure is the new king of Korean action star. Why not! He works harder than any actors that I know and looks fantastic at it! I am praying that it becomes a blockbuster movie, so it opens in USA, too. I really want to see him in a movie theater not a computer monitor nor DVD.

  4. Wishing JCW and the cast all the best on its premiere night and the rest of the showing. Please make it a blockbuster in Korea! πŸ™Calling DayRock and all his fans! We can’t be there as we are not based in Korea.
    JCW, fighting!
    Fabricated City will break boxoffice!!!!
    Always we love and support you thru social networking for all your activities!

  5. It sounds like this movie will showcase ALL of JCW’s incredible talents! I’m getting so excited!! I hope this film shows a nice balance of his acting and action skills…I can already feel the magnetism from the first trailer. February…come quick!

  6. i love the promo pictures too! i sure hope there is a way for ifans to be able to see this! can NEVER get enough of JCW. now we will have to wait for his army duty to be over~

  7. Thanks Gabby!

    So happy to see the promotion posters for Fabricated City. I was so worried that this would be swept under some carpet! Hope I can watch this movie when it’s released!

    JCW..like it or not..but you are totally cut out to be an action movie star! You just look so good dishing out all those punches and kicks!! πŸ˜†

  8. I think this movie is very promising. I really can’t wait to watch it. The poster and trailer look good, very visually satisfying! πŸ™‚

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