[News] Lunar New Year wishes from Ji Chang Wook

Not that we need a reason to reprint this photo from his “Healer” days, but it works!  Sergeant Ji Chang Wook took time out of his busy military schedule to pen a letter to his fans through his Dayrock Daum Fan Cafe to celebrate the start of Lunar New Year 2019, the Year of the Golden Pig.  Let’s take a look!

Only a few more weeks to go before Sergeant Ji Chang Wook returns to civilian life on 27 April 2019.  In the meantime, we have many more of his appearances in “Shinheung Military School” performances to look forward to until then.  경례!

Credit:  Dayrock Daum Fan Cafe; Ji Chang Wook Instagram

9 thoughts on “[News] Lunar New Year wishes from Ji Chang Wook

  1. I really enjoyed Healer, Suspicious Partner and the K2, even watched some of his clips on youtube for musical ” the days”, such a handsome guy with brilliant personality, lots of Love from London — Rose

  2. Time truly flies, I remember how stressful I felt when Chan Wook went into the army. I thought it was too much time away from us, and it was indeed. Now we only have 81 days to wait. I can’t wait to see how he’ll surprise us. I can’t wait!

    • It is great for him to be in the musical instead of active military duties so he does not become rusty. But then I wonder if other actors will feel they ( Changwook & cast) got off easy, especially if next year there won’t be a musical.

  3. I really enjoy his letters! It’s like he is talking to you in person. Thanks for the countdown of days left JCW Kitchen.

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