[Event/CF] Let’s Do Something Fun! Contest with Ji Chang Wook

As promised a few weeks ago, Lotte Duty Free has finally premiered its promotion entitled “Let’s Do Something Fun!” with one of its biggest-name endorsers, Ji Chang Wook.  Let’s take a look at what LDF has in store (no pun intended) for his fans!

LDF’s first promotional video features Ji Chang Wook in what may (or may not) have happened on his way to one of his many scheduled events.  (Take lots of notes, because you will need them later.)

So good to see Fussy Wook again, no? 🤣  Lotte Duty Free is also having a participation event on Instagram that ties in with their new “Let’s Do Something FUN!” promotions — Explore the FUN you’ve never experienced with Ji Chang Wook!

Hop onto LDF’s Instagram page here:  Lotte Duty Free Instagram.  Follow the steps below to qualify:

STEP 1.  After watching the video, comment on the LDF post what was your most FUN moment in the clip!
STEP 2.  Tag your Instagram friends who have not watched Ji Chang Wook’s FUN moments.  The more tagged friends, the higher chance of winning!
STEP 3.  Also comment “Participated!” in your post!

The event period runs from Thursday, 1 August through Monday, 19 August 2019.  The Winner Announcement will be made on Wednesday, 23 August 2019 (winners to be announced individually).

PRIZES:   Fun Kit (1 winner); JCW Glow Jam Stick (3 winners)

There is a limited time to enter, so get in on the FUN! soon.  Good luck to all!
Credits:  Lotte Duty Free Instagram; LDF YUM YouTube

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  1. I loved the Let’s do Something Fun video. Ji Chang Wook as always did an excellent job to promote Lotte Duty Free. Again congratulations to Chang Wook for his great work and I must thank you for giving us the opportunity to see our Ji Chang Wook in action.

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