[Instagram Update] 13 January 2021

I’M AN ARTIST – #브릿지온아르떼  #황진호작가  #감사합니다

I’M AN ARTIST – #BridgeOnArte  #WriterHwangJinHo  #ThankYou
Miral Welfare Foundation Ambassador Ji Chang Wook posts a photo of one of the support packages offered by the Miral Welfare Foundation in appreciation for his support to its “I’m an Artist” campaign.  Bridge on Arte is a group founded by Miral for the purpose of promoting awareness of the developmentally disabled through art, and Hwang Jin Ho is the artist Ji Chang Wook collaborated with for the lavender wapen featured in his post.
The Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance (of which Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen is a member) recently made a contribution to the Miral Welfare Foundation in Ji Chang Wook’s honour to celebrate his new drama “Lovestruck in the City” and provide support to the Miral Welfare Foundation for the good works it continues to carry out (info here).

One thought on “[Instagram Update] 13 January 2021

  1. Ji Chang Wook should win loads of acting awards,for Lovestruck,in,the City.
    That young man,acted his ass off
    playing that poor,frustrated guy..
    He was really impressive.

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