[Movie] First look at a rather scruffy Ji Chang Wook in “Restricted Call”

The city chase thriller film “Restricted Call” has unveiled 10 types of sidewalk stills containing explosive thrills and acting skills… and a very rough-looking Ji Chang Wook!

“Restricted Call” is a city chase thriller that is in crisis when Sung-kyu (Jo Woo Jin), the head of a bank center, received a phone call with a mysterious number display that says, “The moment you get out of the car, the bomb explodes.”

The 10 types of “Restricted Call” sidewalk stills released contain the fun of urban chase thrillers and explosive performances by actors in Busan. The charm and expectation points of “Restricted Call” are vividly captured, ranging from thrilling stories that start with mysterious phone calls on the way to work and cool car-chasing scenes set in Busan.

First, as usual, a mysterious call from Sung-kyu, the head of the bank center, who was preparing in an ordinary way to get to work and school, and his daughter Hye-in (Lee Jae In) draws curiosity. The two actors’ facial expressions, which realistically show that their ordinary daily lives are turning into urgent situations, are warned by a mysterious caller that “The moment you get out of the car, the bomb explodes,” and stimulates the curiosity of the viewers of who and why they called.

Next, the sidewalk standoff, set in Haeundae, Busan, foretells the cool car chasing and explosive acting skills of trusted actors which will unfold against the backdrop of the beach in Busan. The sight of police surrounding Sung-kyu’s car at Haeundae Square makes you wonder what happened to Sung-kyu, the general head of the bank center, who received this mysterious phone call.

In addition, the charismatic appearance of the two characters, Ban (Jin Kyung) and Jin-woo (Ji Chang Wook), who came to Sung-gyu’s literal dead end, will be revealed, raising the audience’s interest in the best acting synergy that Jo Woo Jin, Lee Jae In, Jin Kyung and Ji Chang Wook will present.

Meanwhile, the thrilling city-chasing film “Restricted Call,” opens in June 2021.

Credits: StarMT.com; SportsDongA; all photos courtesy CJ Entertainment

2 thoughts on “[Movie] First look at a rather scruffy Ji Chang Wook in “Restricted Call”

  1. Cool.Cant wait to see it.would be great to see all these ,,pretty” actors playing psychopaths n gangsters too, not only ,,happily ever after” stuff

  2. I am happy that this time Ji Chang Wook is playing a challenging role. He is really an excellent actor. I am looking forward for a more Hollywood like action role for JCW. I believe he is very capable. Stay safe πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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