[Drama] Ji Chang Wook transforms into Healer

Actor Ji Chang Wook has made a perfect transformation in the new KBS2 Mon-Tues drama “Healer”.

All this while, Ji Chang Wook has been honing his solid acting skills in dramas, movies and musicals, and is expected to display his acting prowess once again. Ji Chang Wook will be playing Seo Jung Hu, the best errand boy in the industry who goes by the code name “Healer”.

In the pictures revealed today, Ji Chang Wook is dressed in all-black fashion wearing goggles, channeling the mysteriousness of his character. He gives off a strong aura with his agile actions and sharp gaze, drawing people’s attention as to what kind of charm he will show in the drama this time.

The “Healer” that Ji Chang Wook is playing, is an errand boy who will secretly complete any tasks assigned to him without questioning the reason or purpose, as long as he gets paid. He is a professional who is equipped with wearable smart gadgets and beast-like instincts and fighting skills, which will be a refreshing watch for audiences.

Also, Healer has no concern at all for the world or its people, and his ultimate goal is to save money to buy a deserted island in the South Pacific Ocean and live there alone. This piques the interest of viewers as to what kind of life actor Ji Chang Wook will breathe into his character.

A representative for Ji Chang Wook said, “To prepare for this role, Ji Chang Wook has devoted his heart and soul into analyzing his character. We look forward to seeing a new side of Ji Chang Wook that has never been shown before.”

This winter, “Healer” is a blockbuster that will bring together the similar worlds of “Sandglass” and the children of that generation. It will air on 8 December after “Tomorrow Cantibile”.


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