[Magazine/Preview] Ji Chang Wook to feature in KWave magazine


Now that “Healer” is going to start airing on KBS, it is only natural that the star of the show should be featured in KBS’ own magazine!

Ji Chang Wook will be featured in the December issue of KWave, a free monthly magazine published by KBS. The magazine is in Korean with English translations included and can be obtained from the Korean embassy at your own country. You can also download a softcopy version from KBS’ website, or download the Kwave app and view the magazine on your phone.

We can catch a glimpse of what to expect in the magazine through a teaser video.

The video was released through some high-tech wizardry called augmented reality (it’s really cool!!), which gave me a hard time trying to find a way to download the video. Alas, I decided to simply stick to the old-school method of recording the video through a camera, hence the poor quality  ㅠ ㅠ


For those who plan to get a copy of the magazine, this is how the cover looks like (pity he’s not the one on the cover):


As of now, the December issue hasn’t been released yet and no date of its released has been announced either. But you can rest assured that we will post an update once it is available!



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