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The production team of “Healer” released stills of Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae fighting by the roadside in broad daylight.

Amid increased excitement in the show following the sudden death of Ki Young Jae, the pictures revealed by the production team show Jung Hu losing his rationality and bursting with anger upon confirming Young Jae’s death.

In the pictures, Ji Chang Wook throws a punch towards Yoo Ji Tae with clenched teeth. With a look of rage and eyes filled with sadness, Ji Chang Wook conveys his rage he felt the next morning after his master had died.
Yoo Ji Tae is seen using all his strength to stop the enraged Jung Hu and persuades him. Although he understands the feelings of Jung Hu who had lost his master suddenly, the complicated expression of Moon Ho who had no choice but to stop him draws sympathy from audiences.

Young Jae is Jung Hu’s master who passed on the job of Healer to him, and took care of Jung Hu who was alone after his release from the youth detention centre until he grew up to the age of 20. The sad demise of Young Jae who took the blame for Healer made the audience tear up.

Young Jae was like family to Jung Hu who even had to lie to his mum, and he was also one of the five friends who ran the pirate radio station. Audiences are now curious to find out what kind of consequences will follow now that Young Jae is dead.


Will the panic-stricken Healer Ji Chang Wook be able to step out to the world outside?
The production team of “Healer” revealed stills of Ji Chnag Wook overwhelmed by shock after witnessing his master’s death and spends each day living like a paralysed person.

In the revealed pictures, Ji Chang Wook wears a gaunt and lost look on his face as he stares into space. The hollow look in his eyes, pale skin and white lips show his unstable condition. The haggard look of Ji Chang Wook as he sits in this dark space devoid of human warmth draws sympathy from viewers.

In episode 13, the unexpected turn of events when Ki Young Jae got poisoned during interrogation left many viewers in shock. Moreover, the death of Ki Young Jae who took care of Jung Hu just like his father is expected to bring Seo Jung Hu unbearable sadness.
Confronted with the greatest difficulty of his lifetime, how will Seo Jung Hu overcome this crisis and will he be able to step out into the outside world again after retreating into the darkness? With these questions in mind, audiences are even more curious about the future developments of the show.


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  1. What a scene to end episode 14! Goodness, i can not wait for episodes 15 and 16 next week. Fighting!

  2. Nice one…. uuuugggggggggh another one week to wait for the agony of waiting… excited to see how their love develop after the real kiss… the writer is daebak… knows how to tickle the audience… and its really awesome atleast for me… JCW rocks!!!

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