[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young share a sweet back hug in “Healer”


“Healer” Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young ignite the sparks of romance with their sweet skinship.

The production team of “Healer” revealed an exciting still cut of Ji Chang Wook’s and Park Min Young’s back hug in episode 15.


In the released pictures, Seo Jung Hu embraces Chae Young Shin from behind. Young Shin treats the wound on his arm, and Jung Hu entrusts her with his arm, unable to take his eyes off her. The sight of them in intimate embrace with the warm sunlight upon them is like a scene from a beautiful painting.

In another picture, Seo Jung Hu reaches for Chae Young Shin’s hair as if to ascertain that all this is not a dream. Jung Hu’s touch is full of love and affection towards Young Shin, making the audiences’ hearts race.

Seo Jung Hu and Chae Young Shin confirmed each other’s feeling following their teary kiss. The “pink mode” will begin soon between Chae Young Shin and Seo Jung Human who is starting to express his feelings, raising expectations for the accelerated romance between the two.

The production team said, “Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young portray romantic scenes like a real couple with their improved chemistry. The sweet, moving love scenes between the two that are natural like flowing water will put a smile on the faces of viewers.”

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  1. Thank you so much!! OMG, what beautiful stiils! Imagine watching the episode! I have to wait IMPATIENTLY for this epi, I won’t get it to see it til Tues 3pm (South Florida time)!! I’ll be squealing big time!!

  2. I can never contain my feels when it comes to Healer. Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young have so much chemistry. Ah, I am so excited!

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