[Upcoming] Ji Chang Wook to feature in Instyle and Dragon TV (Updated)


Right after finishing “Healer”, Ji Chang Wook continues to keep himself busy by giving interviews to various media outlets.

First up, Ji Chang Wook will be featured in the March issue of Instyle magazine.

Their photographer and his hair stylist have shared some behind-the-scenes shots of him at the photo shoot:

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For those keen on ordering a copy, this is how the magazine cover looks like:


The March issue of Instyle is slated for release in Korea on 24 February on various Korean book stores and selected online shopping sites. The photographer also said that Instyle will also release a video interview some time next week, but an exact date was not given.

Besides the magazine feature, Ji Chang Wook will also be appearing in the Chinese entertainment programme “Yu Le Xin Tian Di (娱乐星天地)“, which can be loosely translated as “Entertainment New World”, on Shanghai television channel Dragon TV (东方卫视).

The emcee of the show shared some pictures of him at the filming:

dragontv02 dragontv01

No information has been announced as to when the interview will be aired. Yu Le Xin Tian Di airs every weekday from 5pm-6pm, and every weekend from 5.30pm-6pm, so it may be released any day from now.


Tudou, a video streaming site in China, will also be releasing a video interview with Ji Chang Wook. No release date has been announced yet. Looks like he did the Tudou and Dragon TV interviews at the same time, but you will notice in the pictures that he’s carrying different microphones.

We will be on the look out for any of these videos or interviews when they are released, and there will definitely be many many more of such interviews to come in the coming weeks. Brace yourselves!!


Photographer Park Yoo Bin’s Instagram
Jung Mi Young’s Instagram
뽀락꽉깝 from Ji Chang Wook DC
@chucksuk on Weibo
Director Cho Kyung Hee’s weibo

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    • It can be found on sites such as Interpark Books, Aladin, Yes24, Kyobo. I’m not too sure whether the magazine is available for overseas shipping though

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