[Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook answers questions from fans in video interview with Kwave


After teasing us with a video of Ji Chang Wook looking smexy behind-the-scenes at their magazine photo shoot, KWave released a video on Weibo, where Ji Chang Wook answers some of the questions posed by fans through KWave’s social media platform(s).

In the video, he speaks about his dislike towards carrots,


Must we really talk about carrots?



Oh! What is it??

reveals that he will likely be filming a new show in July! Woo hoo!



That’s what we’ve all been waiting for right? Please let it be a good one~!


Give it to me!!

Click on CC for English subtitles. Translated from Korean to English.

And here are the prerequisite screencaps


The video quality leaves much to be desired, but at least it brought good news!


You will look forward to my new project right?


…or face my wrath.

The End

Video source: KWave Weibo

7 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook answers questions from fans in video interview with Kwave

  1. “To all the fans who love me”, “I truly, love you” – Love you more JCW! I respect you a lot……

  2. He will film a new show in July? Please enlighten me, is it the rumored web drama with Tara or is it the movie “Fabricated City” directed by Park Kwang Hyeon? There is no casting confirmation news recently for his next project.

  3. OMO cant wait for his next project!!!
    He is just so handsome!!! Beautiful face, killer smile!!!

  4. It is always a joy to see him & hear his voice & to know what he has to say. Stoked about his new project that he’ll be starting this July, eagerly looking forward to see it!

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