[Info] Ji Chang Wook 2016 calendar now available for international orders

After facing several roadblocks, international fans can now get your hands on a copy of the 2016 calendar! 

After some discussion, Zhongbao, the Chinese distributor of the calendar, has kindly made the calendar available for international shipping on Taobao.  As we mentioned previously, the calendar is being produced in Korea, Japan and China by different companies in their respective languages.  Hence, Zhongbao will only be selling the China version of the calendar which is printed in Chinese.

Proceeds from the sale of the Chinese version of the calendar will be used to open a bakery for the Children Are Us Foundation (喜憨兒基金會), a Taiwan charity organisation that provides lifelong care and education for children with mental disorders. The bakery is one of several run by the organisation as a means to equip these children with valuable work skills.


To thank everyone for your contribution, each calendar will be packaged with a cookie baked by the children. However, this cookie will not be included in the package for international orders due to practical reasons and custom regulations on food imports.

Sale of the calendar has already begun, and there are only 1,000 sets available.  It is not clear if the distributor will decide to produce more though if it gets sold out.

The calendar costs 130 yuan (Chinese Renminbi).  The price of the calendar is the same as the Korea and Japan versions.  Unfortunately, the shipping cost for the calendar from China to overseas is fairly expensive, so Zhongbao recommends that fans buy in bulk to save on shipping costs.  If you know of fellow fans living in the same country as you, you may want to try consolidating orders among yourselves.  Of course, you are also allowed to buy the calendar as an individual, which is more convenient.

Please note that Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen is not able to help with bulk orders, neither will we be able to order on your behalf.  We also cannot handle your currency conversion.  As our site caters to an international audience, it is simply not feasible for us to take orders from people all over the world.

Taobao Ordering Guide

We are aware that not all our readers understand Chinese, so here is a simple tutorial on the ordering process. Google Translate will come in handy.

A Taobao account is required to make the purchase. If you have not registered for an account, click here to set up your account. If you already have an account, click here to log in.


  1. Click this link (http://world.taobao.com/item/524258196845.htm?) to go to the calendar purchase page.
  2. Choose the country that you want to ship to. The system should be able to detect your country based on your login informationtaobao02a
  3. If your country is not displayed there or displayed incorrectly, click on the arrow for a drop down list of destinations. Click on “international (国际)” to ship outside of China.
  4. Once you select “international”, you will be shown another list of countries to choose from (refer to screenshot below). If your country is not on the list, click on “others”. When you are done selecting the destination, click on “buy now”.
  5. After clicking “buy now,” you will be directed to the order page. Fill up the information accordingly. We suggest that you use Google Translate to find out how your country’s name is written in Chinese so that you can find it on the list.

Here’s a quick reference for some countries:  USA – 美国; Indonesia – 印尼; Thailand – 泰国; Vietnam – 越南; Malaysia – 马来西亚; Australia – 澳大利亚; Philippines – 菲律宾

6.  After you have saved your shipping information, your page should look like this. If everything is correct, click on the big orange button to submit your order. If you had left the page idle for too long, you will get a message saying that your session has timed-out, and you have to submit your order again.

7.  After submitting, you will be directed to the Alipay page to key in your payment details. If you do not have an Alipay account, you will be asked to create one. After you have logged in to your Alipay account, you will be offered various options for payment. If this is your first time using credit card payment on Alipay, you will be asked to fill in your credit card information. The list of payment options differ by country, so the options on your screen may be different from what you see in my screenshot.

8.  Once you’ve confirmed your payment information, submit and your order should be processed successfully!

We hope this guide will be of some help to you.  We’ve tried our best to be as clear as possible in the guide, but as with most technology, the system may work differently for different people, so we can’t address every single scenario. Some initiative may be required on your part, since we are quite busy and may not be able to answer your question. You should always consult Google Translate if you can’t read the Chinese words.  Good luck and thanks for your cooperation!

24 Nov update:
Zhongbao will only mail out the calendars at the end of November.


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20 thoughts on “[Info] Ji Chang Wook 2016 calendar now available for international orders

  1. wow its kinda pricey for a calender and three pic of the cute guy but i was looking around and found out that amozon has two calender 2016-2017 and a pic of JCW autograph for about $50.00 and its would be air mailed from over seas have you see it i think for that price with two calenders i would buy it

    • Whatever products we post on our site are official goods from official purchase routes. Anything elsewhere are likely to be non-official goods not recognised by Glorious, or official goods resold by third party sellers. Official goods tend to be more expensive as they are specially made for fans, often with exclusive photos, whereas non-official goods often use photos taken from other sources such as magazines or fan sites. Of course, some people will only insist on buying offficial merchandise while there are others who do not mind buying non-official goods, so it is entirely up to you 🙂

  2. Gabby.. I finally received my JCW 2016 calendar! What a long wait. I placed my order on Nov 21! But you did tell us that the calendars will only be mailed out end November. Actually the wait is shorter than when I ordered the Lonsdale JCW t-shirt. 😆

    The calendar is slightly smaller than A4 sized . I was expecting the normal small desk top calendar. So that was a good start! Needless to say the pictures are to die for! JCW in all his cuteness! Aaaargh..I’m so happy right now!

    Thanks again for all your help with the ordering process Gabby. Truly appreciate all your work there. 🙂

  3. The calendar itself is not too costly.. Its the postal that costs more then the actual product which I find absurd.

  4. Thank you JCWK for the detailed instructions on how to order!

    I wish i can understand Chinese….too bad for me😪

  5. Thanks so much for your detailed instructions Gabby. Always so very helpful.

    But I do agree with @Adriana that the price is rather steep for a calendar. I got JCW’s Lonsdale t-shirt for around that much I think.

    Nevertheless..I think I shall go through this Chinese maze again just for JCW’s calendar. Think of it as doing charity work! Problem is..can’t remember my registered name and password! Have to go through all the hoops again. 😕

    • Order placed! This time it seems much easier than the last Gabby. The screen shots you took this time is exactly what I see on my screen! Well done! Plus I found my registered name and password so I didn’t have to go through that hoop again! Whew!

      Let’s see how long it will take for the order to come. So excited!!

      • Thanks for this update Gabby! I was wondering why my order was taking so long given it was supposed to be “express”. Will wait patiently..

  6. Thank you very, very much for going to all the effort you have for this. I can’t justify £36 for a calendar though. Never mind. I hope they all sell and they raise lots of money though. 🙂

  7. I have acquaintances in Busan to whom I could have GloriaJeans coffee online shop mail a calendar and friends who will visit there in January who will bring it to me here in Georgia. But how would I pay for it? I guess I could ask the Busan family to order it for me and let me pay them…

    • You can send the money to them by bank transfer (but of course, it means they must be willing to entrust you with their bank account details), or pass the money to your friends who are going to meet the Busan family…

  8. Thank you so much JCWK for the info and all your hard and great work as always. 😉

    I was very interested in buying this calendar, I love JCW!, but $60-$70 USD (approx.) for one calendar seems outrageous. Even when there’s a noble cause behind, it seems exaggerated; so it’s a No for me. I don’t intend to offend anyone, but it is my humble opinion.

    Thanks! 🙂 ❤

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