[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook behind-the-scenes on Yi Zhou Femina


Following yesterday’s sizzling behind-the-scenes video of Ji Chang Wook from “Chic! Elegance”, fellow Chinese fashion magazine “Yi Zhou Femina” stepped up their game to release their own video of him at their photo shoot! 

He doesn’t say anything much except for “I love you” at the end, so no subtitles!

This video is shorter but there’s no lack of screencap-worthy shots in it though. Enjoy!

Source: Yi Zhou Femina Tengxun

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One thought on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook behind-the-scenes on Yi Zhou Femina

  1. This video’s great Gabby! Thank you! It’s like having rain after a bout of drought! 😆 Missed JCW so much when he was away filming in China.

    Love love JCW! He looks so relaxed during this photo shoot.

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