[CF] Ji Chang Wook models for EOS China [updated with video]


As previously teased in his Instagram post, Ji Chang Wook is the new model for EOS China!

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a beauty brand that produces lip balm and skin care products. Ji Chang Wook is appearing in the brand’s ads targeted at the Chinese and Taiwanese markets.

He will also be making a trip to Taiwan on 22 September to promote the brand and meet his Taiwanese fans, who will be chosen based on a lucky draw conducted last month.

Here are some pictures of him shared by EOS:


Posing with an EOS lip balm backstage at his recent Nanjing concert.

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Update 8 September:  EOS has also broadcast their first CF featuring Ji Chang Wook:

Credit: EOS China weibo

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10 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook models for EOS China [updated with video]

  1. Aaaargh..video clip! Happiness! JCW’s just sooooo cute and adorable. From this marshmallow cuteness to lethal weapon on Sep 23! Hahaha..

  2. He has such smooth and kissable lips! Besides lip balm, he would be a great model for toothpaste too. Perfect smile !!!

  3. He looks great as always, but I love his lips on the first few pictures, but I don’t care to see men in overly or intensely pink lipstick shades.

  4. Thanks for this post Gabby.

    JCW has such sexy lips. Who better to promote lip balm? Wise choice EOS! And thanks for all the pretty pictures Gabby!

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