[Eng Sub] 20160108 – Ji Chang Wook interview with Han Ban Fun


Ji Chang Wook appeared in yet another video interview with the Chinese media; this time with 韩伴FUN (Han Ban Fun) by two major Chinese streaming sites — Tudou and Youku.

In this video, he talks about learning Chinese and the difficulty of acting in China, and also did some reflection on his choice to act in “Healer” and becoming an actor. There’s also a short O and X quiz at the end. This interview is not to be confused with his separate interview with Yinyuetai, where he was seen wearing the same outfit (likely because both interviews were conducted one after the other).

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hanbanfun02 hanbanfun03 hanbanfun04

Source: Youku

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4 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20160108 – Ji Chang Wook interview with Han Ban Fun

  1. He is just so charming and so good looking. He sounds sincere and even when he was confused or nervous he looks so adorable! He has the ability to make your heart skip a beat (or two) when he smiles. That face and voice! Can’t wait to see him in more dramas and movies!

  2. Thanks for the translation as always Gabby.

    Another very open and entertaining interview with Mr JCW. I had to laugh at his hesitation when asked whether he’s more concerned with the face or body of the opposite sex. Haha..

    Honestly..I don’t know how he manages to find any “me time” between filming and photo sessions and interviews. You’re truly a very diligent person JCW. Really admire that.

  3. ha…so he looks at both face and body of the opposite sex. I don’t know if he gave an X or O for that question. He is so cute and funny.

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