[Movie] Ji Chang Wook makes his first stage greeting for “Fabricated City”


Ji Chang Wook greeted audiences at the screening of his movie “Fabricated City” this evening in the first of several stage appearances to come.


In Korea, it is common for celebrities to appear at selected movie screenings to meet audiences before or after the movie. Today marked the first day of several such cinema stage appearances that Ji Chang Wook will be doing over the weekend. In fact, he had four such stage appearances scheduled for tonight alone. The press was there to document his first appearance at the Yeongdeungpo branch of CGV Cinemas in Seoul tonight.

As Koreans celebrate the Great Full Moon Festival (Jeongwol Daeboreum/정월대보름) today, Ji Chang Wook and Director Park Gwang Hyun distributed nuts to the audience. It is part of Korean tradition to crack nuts with your teeth to keep your teeth healthy for the year. He also managed to pick up some gifts from fans including a rabbit doll before leaving for his next schedule.


In other news, it was reported that “Fabricated City” had a successful first-day opening, taking first place in ticket sales with a total of 157,673 admissions on 9 February alone. The overall figure was 176,004 after factoring in the number of admissions from the sneak previews.

The release of “Fabricated City” effectively pushed Hyun Bin’s “Confidential Assignment” to second place on the charts; the latter had been dominating the top spot at the box office for 15 days. Coming in third place on the box office list was the Hollywood movie “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”.

Congratulations to the “Fabricated City” team on the good news, and may the movie continue to do even better!

Credit: Newsen; Live EN; Dispatch 

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  1. Woww..Thanks for sharing this Happy news!! Congrtas to the entire cast and crew👍👍👏👏…agree with u all..hope it continues to increase further..im waiting for its release online..Wookie U deserve this success!!Take care..Love U!!😍😍❤❤❤

  2. Since I am flying to LA to see the movie, I can’t keep coming back. SO I plan to bring a friend and buy multiple tickets for my other “invisible friends” since I will be attending during the daytime…haha! We are such loyal fans and want the best for JCW!!!

  3. So if I go to a CVG theater in USA, would my movie ticket be counted toward the total sales of this movie? I hope I could help pump up the sales 🙂

    • Yes it would. There are different regional “buckets” that count total ticket sales, but eventually it all funnels back to CJ Entertainment as to performance. So come early and often… like I plan on doing! 🙂

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